Mariona Puig, photographer, and Jorgina Carrera, pattern maker,  founded 113 MAISON out of the desire to find common spaces for experimentation where projects integrating the two artistic disciplines could emerge.


Through a deep introspection on their relationship and their common Catalan roots they have sewn together a very unique and delicate universe in which they create handcrafted signature pieces with a rare and artistic approach to fashion.


A bucolic and melancholic experimental re-interpretation of high end avant-garde fashion for women with a flexible conception of femininity who claim for an individual and distinctive style.


113 MAISON is constantly exploring garment construction, textile treatments and bringing back traditional work processes.

Intentional imperfections and an obsession to details are constant values in these individually handmade pieces. Bold volumes, overlays and drapes are used to draw playful and contemporary silhouettes with an antique soul.

Jorgina and Mariona want their garments to make you feel unique - that is why the garments are carefully made one at a time in-house and only available in very limited quantities. By going back to artisanal processes and leaving room for different details and finishings, no piece ever looks like another.

They conceive the garments as little treasures, often inspired by objects and stories from the past. Each one of the pieces features secret details only the owner will know about.



Picture by Lars Moereels